As rumored last week, Pioneer DJ has released a more DJ friendly version of the Toraiz SP-16: the Pioneer DJ DJS-1000. There are a few differences feature-wise, the most important being the format. While the SP-16 has the more studio-friendly landscape format, the DJS-1000 has the same shape and dimensions as a traditional CDJ unit.

With the DJS-1000, Pioneer DJ further strengthens their offer for the production-oriented DJ/live performer, making the idea of integrating a sampler/sequencer much more accessible to DJ’s used to the Pioneer DJ ecosystem.

I was hoping this unit could also double as a regular Rekordbox DJ player, considering it has the basics to be able to do that: a touchscreen, play/pause and cue buttons, performance pads, a pitch fader and touch strip. From the info that is available now, it doesn’t seem it can do that. Would certainly make the unit more attractive, but also would cannibalize the current media player line, certainly at this price point.

Key Features

Intuitive user interface

  • Step sequencer: Easily create a new groove by tapping the 16 large, multicolored step input keys. You can keep an eye on sequence information on each track thanks to the keys’ changing colors.
  • Multicoloured Performance Pads: Use the 16 large rubber pads to trigger the tracks you’ve assigned samples and loops to. Each one is equipped with multicolored illumination and highly accurate velocity detection, so you can increase or decrease volume with the amount of pressure you apply.
  • Touch strip: By simply touching the strip, you can quickly change the pitch when using the pitch bend feature, or play a drum roll by using the note repeat feature. Customise parameters for even more creative options.

7-inch full-color touchscreen

Tap the LCD display to instantly access the screen of your choice:

  • Home screen: View information on the sample assigned to each track thanks to the instrument icons and colors which are linked to the pads.
  • Sequence screen: View the sequence pattern currently playing.
  • Mixer screen: Adjust the volume balance of each track.

Accurate syncing with various external devices and systems

In addition to clock synchronization with MIDI devices, the DJS-1000 includes the Beat Sync function which can synchronize a performance by beat/bar with a track playing on a CDJ-2000NXS2 or XDJ-1000MK2 set-up using PRO DJ LINK. Use the tempo slider and the nudge buttons to quickly adjust tempo and beat position manually, just like you would on a turntable.

Powerful performance features

  • Live Sampling: Easily sample input sounds and immediately use them as individual tracks. The sampled sounds are automatically synchronized with the current sequence to play in a loop, so they can be dropped straight into a live remix. You can sample any input source, including audio from a turntable, via your mixer.
  • FX: Add various FX to tracks with ease, changing the tone on the fly. You can apply FX such as echo, reverb, and filter to individual tracks, a group of tracks, or all tracks.

Perfect fit in the DJ booth

The DJS-1000 is designed to fit perfectly alongside the CDJ-2000NXS2 and DJM-900NXS2, creating effortless unity in the DJ booth.

Other features

  • Support for USB devices – manage your projects and samples easily
  • Over 2,500 on-board Loopmasters samples – start performing with the DJS-1000 straight out the box
  • Support for DJS-TSP Project Creator2 – easily create projects and SCENE3 files on a PC/Mac
  • Support for project files created on the TORAIZ SP-16

Pricing and Availability

The DJS-1000 costs USD 1.199, and is available now!