Pioneer DJ has just launched the Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV7 Serato DJ Pro controller and the entry-level DDJ-REV1. The DDJ-REV7 is aimed at professional DJs (open format, scratch) and is basically a controller version of two turntables and a battle mixer in one relatively compact package.

The main attraction is definitely the 7-inch spinning jog wheels with a central LCD screen. Secondly, the mixer section is heavily inspired by Pioneer DJ’s battle mixer design, such as the DJM-S11, with the centrally placed performance pads, and the effect toggle switches. On the decks, the pitch faders are placed horizontally, in true battle mode style.

The DDJ-REV1 sits on the other end of the spectrum, costing almost 10 times less. Still, the overall design layout is the same: the performance pads are integrated on the mixer plate, the jog wheels are larger than those of the DDJ-SB3, the controller the REV1 is replacing and the pitch faders are placed vertically instead of horizontally. This is a significant statement by Pioneer DJ because in this price range Pioneer DJ realizes the highest volumes of sales, so introducing the battle style here means Pioneer DJ might see this approach as the future “beginners” approach to DJing. Not a bad approach indeed.

Key Features

Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV7

Brand-new motorized, VINYLIZED JOG: Feel like you’re playing with records
At the heart of each deck on the DDJ-REV7 is the new 7-inch motorized jog wheel, which features the same rotational stability as a 12-inch turntable and is built to feel like you’re playing with real records. The acrylic top plate is finished with a vinyl-like texture for effortless finger grip, and you can choose between low and high torque settings and use the two included slip sheets inside each deck – which fit neatly inside the jog wheel – to find your preferred amount of friction. Switch between a rotation speed of 33⅓ or 45rpm whenever you like and use the Stop Time setting to adjust how long it takes for the music to end when you press pause. You can make it halt immediately or slow down gradually, as if you’ve turned off the power on an analog deck.

Waveform mode: See the overall waveform of the track on that deck, plus the detailed waveforms of the tracks on both decks side-by-side to help you make quick, intuitive adjustments. You’ll also have an eye on the BPM, playback speed (tempo), remaining or elapsed time, digital marker for the playback point (which you can turn off), and the number of beats in the loop when one is playing.

Virtual Deck mode: View the virtual deck of Serato DJ Pro and the number of beats to the next Hot Cue point.

Artwork display: Display the artwork for the track that’s playing.

DJ Logo display: Display your own logo or favorite image on each deck after using the Image Transfer Tool for PC/Mac to load it onto the DDJ-REV7.

Instant Scratch: Rapidly fire samples with dedicated buttons
The DDJ-REV7 has 4 original scratch samples that you can trigger by pressing the corresponding hardware buttons. Because the sounds are built in, you can fire them at any time – even if the controller isn’t connected to your laptop. If you want to use your own samples in your set, you can instantly load scratch samples from 4 banks that you’ve assigned in Serato DJ Pro with the Scratch Bank feature.

MAGVEL FADER PRO: Scratch freely: Scratch with style and confidence when you use the MAGVEL FADER PRO. As well as being highly robust, it’s customizable with various settings to help you find the feel that’s right for you.

22 built-in Beat FX including 3 new additions: Dynamically change the sound of your tracks. Add drama to your track transitions with the 3 brand-new Beat FX. In total there are 22 Beat FX, which you can trigger with the dedicated controls.

Duck Down: A roll effect that fades out while lowering the pitch.

Fill Out: A roll effect that forms a roll with a changing rhythm pattern and fades out with echo.

Helix Out: An effect that samples the input sound and repeatedly fades it out like a reverb, while increasing the playback speed and pitch.

You can also pull the effects levers down and hold them to apply effects from Serato DJ Pro in short bursts, or push them up to lock effects on and free up your hands for scratching or track browsing. Instantly trigger the effects saved in 4 FX Banks and edit them via the Setting Utility on your PC/Mac. While you’re using one of these effects, you can also trigger up to 6 more from Serato DJ Pro. The DDJ-REV7 also has 5 popular Sound Color FX to experiment with.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV1

Battle-style setup: There’s plenty of space to perform mixing and scratching techniques thanks to the new arrangement of the controls on the DDJ-REV1. The tempo sliders are 60mm which are longer than those on the DDJ-SB3 – giving you finer control – and they run horizontally above the decks while the Performance Pads have been moved into the mixer section so you can intuitively combine effects, trigger samples, and scratch your tracks.

Bigger jog wheels: The bigger the jog wheels, the better for scratching. The jogs on the DDJ-REV1 are the same size as the ones on the DDJ-SR2, a popular controller that’s higher up in the Pioneer DJ range.

Lever FX: Dynamically add texture to the music with Lever FX in the mixer section. Pull the levers down and hold them to apply effects from Serato DJ Lite in short bursts or push them up to lock on effects and free up your hands for scratching or track browsing.

Pricing and Availability

The Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV7 (USD 1899) and the DDJ-REV1 (USD 249) are available now.