If the Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 and the announcement of Rekordbox 5.1 weren’t enough, Pioneer DJ today announced the new RB-DMX1, a DMX controller for automated lightning in Rekordbox DJ. The technology uses the new phrase analysis algorithm in Rekordbox DJ 5.1 to match track data and lightning patterns, which in turn allows DJ’s to concentrate on their set while the lights follow the performance.

This idea is not new, you might remember SoundSwitch that implemented a similar approach for Serato DJ and Virtual DJ 8.  This means that all the professional DJ software, except Traktor Pro, have an automated lighting solution.

Check the feature list below!

Key Features

Key features of rekordbox lighting mode

  • AUTOMATIC CREATION OF LIGHTING PATTERNS IN SYNC WITH YOUR MUSIC: The newly developed phrase analysis algorithm in rekordbox detects characteristics of each phrase in a track. Effective lighting patterns are then automatically created in perfect sync with the phrase information, minimising the time you need to prepare for a DJ and lighting performance.
  • MACRO MAPPING FEATURE FOR EASILY CUSTOMISING LIGHTING PATTERNS: Easily customise lighting patterns by simply selecting your favourite sequences from a wealth of pre-sets. Select patterns intuitively from thumbnail images that visualise the lighting fixture movement as well as the colours and tones of lighting patterns. You can quickly edit your lighting performance to match the atmosphere of the party and track requests.
  • MACRO EDITOR FEATURE FOR INTUITIVELY EDITING LIGHTING SEQUENCES: Fine-tune lighting patterns by checking track analysis information such as waveforms and beatgrid. While listening to the music, you can edit patterns manually using the intuitive GUI.
  • FIXTURE LIBRARY FOR FLEXIBLE LIGHTING FIXTURE CONFIGURATION: Using the lighting fixture library from AtlaBase Ltd, Lighting mode supports DMX fixtures from a wide variety of manufacturers. Create and save multiple lighting fixture configurations using fixtures you’ve assigned in the rekordbox Fixture Library. Lighting patterns are automatically recreated for each fixture configuration, so you can easily change the configuration you want to use according to the size and purpose of the event and venue. The AtlaBase fixture library comprises more than 13,000 unique fixtures. In the unlikely event that you can’t find your fixture, simply post a request in the Pioneer DJ forum and the fixture will be added within a few working days.

Key features of rb-dmx1

  • When connected to a PC/Mac using a USB cable, the RB-DMX1 can control a set of DMX512-supported lighting fixtures by converting information set in Lighting mode to DMX512 protocol.
  • COMPACT, ROBUST CHASSIS: Take the RB-DMX1 out on the road with confidence. The unit is compact, portable and its seamless aluminum casing makes it highly robust, while the extended edges protect the terminals.
  • INCLUDES REKORDBOX DJ LICENCE: The RB-DMX1 comes with a bundled licence key for our professional DJ performance application rekordbox dj, so you can control digital tracks stored on your computer. Combining the RB-DMX1 and rekordbox dj’s Lighting mode, you can create lighting performances in perfect sync with your DJ performances.

Pricing and Availability

The RB-DMX1 will cost USD 399 and will be available from mid-February.