Pioneer DJ is on product release binge. Today they released their most affordable DJ controller ever, the Pioneer DJ DDJ-200. This comes after the very recent Pioneer DJ DDJ-800 and the Pioneer DJ Toriaz SQUID.

The DDJ-200 is the first controller to work with Pioneer DJ’s IOS streaming app, WeDJ. When used with WeDJ, it supports streaming tracks from the newly launched Beatport streaming service Beatport LINK and SoundCloud GO. Since the DDJ-200 is also compatible with Algoriddim’s djay Pro, it also supports streaming through Spotify. Which certainly will be the most popular choice, since most people already have a Spotify account.

Hardware wise, the DDJ-200 is really a bare-bones DDJ-400.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-200 top view

The basics are all there, such as nice looking jogs, 8 performance pads per channel, and a surprisingly large pitch fader. But the performance pads don’t have selection buttons on top, there are no built-in effect knobs and buttons and most importantly, the DDJ-200 doesn’t have a built-in audio interface. This is because the DDJ-200 is meant to be used with a phone or tablet. And while it can be hooked up to a laptop and Rekordbox DJ, the experience would be fairly inferior to what you would have with, for example, a DDJ-400.


Enters the latest version of WeDJ, the IOS and Android DJing app from Pioneer DJ.

Latest version of WeDJ, compatible with the DDJ-200
The latest version of WeDJ, compatible with the DDJ-200

The DDJ-200 works seamlessly together with this new version of WeDJ, not only to allow streaming through Beatport LINK and SoundCloud GO but also to unlock performance features when using the performance pads, such as hot cues, loops, FX.

To help beginning DJ’s, Pioneer DJ included features such as Phrase Syncing and Transition FX. If you want to use Spotify for streaming, you will need to use Algoriddim’s djay Pro software though. Hopefully, WeDJ will include more streaming options soon. Having Spotify and Itunes Music would be awesome.


The DDJ-200 has a unique way to connect with your phone: it uses Bluetooth to send and receive midi signals. And no, don’t expect any lag issues as the amount of data exchanged with Bluetooth is minimal, since the music tracks themselves are on the phone.

In order to send the sound out, you will need to hook up your phone to your speakers. Pioneer DJ provides a splitter cable to allow pre-cueing in your headphones. Finally, the DDJ-200 needs USB power to function, so you need to connect it to a power outlet using the USB cable that comes in the box.

Personally, I would have preferred to see a sound interface on the DDJ-200, considering many controllers in this sub USD 200 price range have one. But it’s an interesting approach, I’m looking forward to testing it out in my full review.

Key Features

    Connect the DDJ-200 to your smartphone, tablet or PC/Mac, choose your favorite from a number of compatible DJ apps such as WeDJ, MWM SAS’s edjing Mix and Algoriddim’s djay and control tracks stored on your device. Some streaming services are supported too, so you can discover music from numerous genres in vast online catalogs. Even better, when connected to the DDJ-200, you can enjoy free use of all the features in rekordbox dj and WeDJ for iPhone that normally incur in-app billing.
  • TUTORIAL AND POP-HINT FEATURES TO HELP BEGINNERS ENJOY DJING: Combine the DDJ-200 with WeDJ for iPhone to use the Tutorial feature which summarizes the basics of DJing. Find out how to connect the controller to your devices, and how to use various features and effects, and pick up tips on performance techniques. WeDJ for iPhone also offers the Pop-Hint feature that explains the functions of buttons without switching screens. If you’ve never handled DJ hardware before, these features will help you get up and running, and performing, in no time.
  • TRANSITION FX – EASILY PERFORM PROFESSIONAL SOUNDING MIXES WITH VARIOUS STYLES: The DDJ-200 can reproduce various patterns of DJ mixes between tracks for people with no experience behind the decks. Activate the Transition FX feature in WeDJ, choose from 11 patterns and simply slide the crossfader to switch from one track to the next via a professional-standard transition.
  • PHRASE SYNC – WORLD’S FIRST FEATURE ON A CONTROLLER*8 FOR EASY, NATURAL SWITCHES BETWEEN TRACKS: Our phrase analysis algorithms will analyze the composition of your tracks and detect phrases. When you tap the dedicated buttons in WeDJ for iPhone, Phrase Sync uses the information from this analysis to align the start and end positions of the phrases in two tracks so you can be sure it will sound natural when you switch between them. The DDJ-200 is the world’s first DJ controller to offer this kind of feature.
  • COMPACT, LIGHTWEIGHT BODY FOR DJING ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: Take the DDJ-200 wherever you want, thanks to its lightweight and slim body. There’s no need to carry speakers because you can play sound from the built-in speaker of your smartphone, tablet, or PC/Mac. And the DJ controller can be powered via a power bank, so you don’t even need to stay close to an outlet.
  • SPLIT OUTPUT FOR DJ PERFORMANCES: Use split cables to separate the audio output of your smartphone, tablet, or PC/Mac into master and monitor outputs. This enables you to check audio via your headphones, e.g., cueing the next track, while the crowd hears the master sound playing through the speakers.

Pricing and Availability

Available now, for USD 149.