Pioneer DJ has introduced today the XDJ-RR, a cheaper version of the fantastic XDJ-RX2. How much cheaper? Around USD 600, and for that, you have to live with 4 performance pads per deck instead of 8, less beat effects, no touchscreen, and, quite important if you want to take this one into the club, no booth output.

Priced almost identically to the DDJ-1000, it starts to become a little complicated if you want to spend around USD 1000 on a Pioneer DJ controller these days. If your top requirement is standalone capacity, then the XDJ-RR is an excellent choice since it doesn’t need a computer but it can work with Rekordbox DJ. It remains to be seen how good the integration is, as with the XDJ-RX2 this wasn’t perfect at the time of testing.

Key Features

  • DUAL USB-A PORTS AND SINGLE USB-B PORT: Connect your PC/Mac to the USB-B port at the rear of the XDJ-RR and plug USB drives into the dual USB-A ports on the top of the system to ensure seamless handovers between DJs.
  • 7-INCH FULL-COLOUR SCREEN: Browse and select tracks quickly and intuitively via the 7-inch full-color screen, using the GUI design and large rotary selector from the CDJ-2000NXS2 multiplayer. Get a quick visual reference of track information such as playback position, BPM and waveforms for more accurate mixing and scratching.
  • PERFORMANCE CONTROLS: Enhance your sets using dedicated controls for performance features:
    • Hot Cues: mark various points in your tracks and instantly play from them by hitting the Hot Cue pads. Create live remixes by triggering Hot Cues in unique sequences.
    • Beat Loop: loop a section of a track and the XDJ-RR automatically sets the loop-out point based on the BPM. You can chop up loops on the fly for even more creative performances.
    • Slip Loop: switch on Slip Loop and tracks keep playing silently in the background when you’re scratching or using other performance features. Then, when you’re ready to drop the track back in, it plays from exactly the right place.
    • Beat Jump: easily change the way a track develops by jumping backwards or forwards by the number of beats you choose.
  • MIXER SECTION WITH PROFESSIONAL FX: Perform smooth, precise mixes using the EQs and channel faders, which feature curves equal to those on the DJM-900NXS2 professional club mixer. You can spice up your sets with FX also inherited from the flagship mixer:
    • Beat FX: Echo, Reverb, Flanger
    • Sound Color FX: Filter, Noise, Dub Echo, Pitch
  • ALL-IN-ONE DESIGN ENABLES SIMPLE AND SPEEDY SET-UP: Connect the XDJ-RR to a power source and your speakers or sound system and you’re ready to perform. There’s no need for cables between the player and mixer sections.
    External audio input: Play music from external sources or mobile devices thanks to the AUX input.
  • LINK EXPORT MODE FOR REKORDBOX: Connect your laptop directly to the XDJ-RR with a single USB cable and play the tracks in your rekordbox library without exporting them to a USB drive.
  • INCLUDES REKORDBOX DJ LICENCE KEY: Activate the rekordbox dj licence key (worth €139) bundled with the XDJ-RR to use our professional performance application. And, if you add the DDJ-XP1 DJ sub controller to your set-up (available separately), you can unleash even more of rekordbox dj’s features – for example, by using the 32 Performance Pads to trigger extra FX – and bring more creative flair to your performances.

Pricing and Availability

The XDJ-RR will sell for USD 1099, and will be available in September 2018.