Pioneer DJ just released their new and updated DJM-S11 Serato DJ Pro 2 channel Scratch Mixer. While Rekordbox is also supported, the focus is for obvious reasons on Serato DJ Pro. The DJM-S11 replaces the DJM-S9 that came out in 2015 and was in need of an upgrade. There is also a specially pimped up version, the DJM-S11 SE, that has a DJM-909 look applied to it.

The most obvious thing on the DJM-S11 is the new 4.3-inch screen that comes with a host of new (and even exclusive) features, such as 4 deck control.

Let’s have a closer look at the key features.

Key Features


With the incorporation of a touch screen, the amount of “laptop watching” will be heavily reduced. The screen shows key track data such as BPM information, allows to browse your tracks or use the Touch FX feature.

The screen also allows to control several software MIDI features (sync, quantize…) directly from the screen.


Another cool feature that Pioneer DJ has come up with is the smooth echo. It basically allows you to link the echo effect to a control of your choice (pad, fader) and when you activate the smooth echo feature and activate the selected control, the echo will launch automatically. Nice idea!


It’s possible, even if this is 2 channel mixer, to control all 4 decks using the touch screen. There is also a feature called “Deck Move” that allows to move decks 1 and 2 to decks 3 and 4, without interrupting the flow.


With the new pad mode Scratch Bank, you can instantly load scratch samples from four banks that you’ve assigned in Serato DJ Pro by simply tapping a pad. You can load from a specified start point too – handy if you want to use this feature to drop in full tracks during a routine.
Activate Combo Pad mode in Serato DJ Pro to use up to four different pad modes simultaneously (two modes per channel, four pads per mode) and combine more features.


  • A Magvel Fader Pro crossfader
  • Larger performance pads and load button
  • integrated USB A hub for connecting media players and control gear


Pricing and Availability

Available now, for USD 1999, and USD 2099 for the DJM-909 design version.