Rekordbox DJ and Rekordbox DVS have reached a certain maturity now, so it’s time for Rekordbox DVS to break out of its confinement. Until now, Rekordbox DVS was only available for proprietary Pioneer DJ mixers and DJ controllers, with the release of Interface 2 it becomes available for all DJ mixers in existence, and that is a major step.

First, a few gloating marketing words from Pioneer DJ, because they are good at it and I’m not.

Key Features

HIGH-QUALITY SOUND: With its crystal-clear sound, inherited from our professional DJ gear, the INTERFACE 2 guarantees professional audio at all times. Audio files up to 96kHz sampling rate are supported by the high-quality D/A converter designed to give club standard sound.

COMPACT, ROBUST CHASSIS: Take the INTERFACE 2 out on the road with confidence. The unit is compact and portable, yet highly robust in its seamless aluminum casing with extended edges that protect the terminals.

LEDS INDICATE SIGNAL FLOW: No matter the circumstances, connecting the audio interface to your hardware is easy and quick. LED indicators in the top panel show the signal flow, giving you a visual grasp of the setting status. For example, if the signal level is too high or low, you’ll know instantly.

WHAT’S IN THE BOX: Your INTERFACE 2 includes 2 license keys for rekordbox dj and rekordbox dvs as well as 2 Control vinyls. The unit also comes with 4 audio cables, a USB cable, and power cable so you can start using rekordbox dvs right out of the box.

EASY ANALOG SOUND RECORDING: Easily record and capture your vinyl or any analog sound source using our normalize technology in rekordbox. There’s no need for extra volume or recording monitoring as this is done automatically by a single click in the software.

My take

Why does Pioneer DJ always decides to do product releases in the middle of my holidays? Just so you know, I’m writing this update from my tent in the French Alps with a barely functional 3G connection…

Back to the Interface 2. This is a major step up for the Rekordbox DJ/DVS ecosystem, as it puts Rekordbox DVS on the same level as Serato DVS and Traktor Scratch. Making DVS available for other gear also means that Pioneer DJ widen its user base considerably, as DJ’s that haven’t gone for Rekordbox DVS because they didn’t own a Rekordbox DVS compatible mixer (which can only be a recent Pioneer DJ mixer) now can add it to their setup without having to buy all new gear.

This will certainly lead to higher awareness for Pioneer DJ’s DVS solution and considering the large amount of Dj’s that have a Rekordbox analyzed track library anyway (as preparing tracks in Rekordbox is a requirement to make the most of CDJ media players), it’s clear that the expansion potential is huge.

Pricing and Availability

The Interface 2 is available now for USD 299. Check the Pioneer DJ mini-site for more details.


Introduction video