Pioneer has just released a new tier to their Rekordbox subscriptions, the Rekordbox professional plan.

This new plan adds unlimited Dropbox cloud storage into the mix, allowing you to store your entire music library on their cloud, and automatically upload any track you add to your Rekordbox collection to it.

Adding unlimited cloud storage to Rekordbox is obviously a good thing. It adds convenience and security since your tracks are securely stored on the cloud and can instantly be recovered in case you lose or damage your computer or USB drives.

The only drawback I can see is that if you have a large music library (say hundreds of gigabytes), be prepared to be patient when uploading everything to the cloud. I recently tried to move 250 GB to my Dropbox account and it took me an entire night, over an otherwise decent WIFI connection.

let’s quickly put all the Rekordbox plan options one next to each other:

Rekordbox pricing plans
Rekordbox pricing plans

The professional plan is the creative plan with the cloud features added on top. It does double the price compared to the creative plan, but considering that unlimited storage on Dropbox sells for around 15 USD/month, that is a reasonable amount I would say.

If you already have a dropbox account, you can actually merge your Rekordbox and Dropbox accounts.

I believe that this is an excellent offer for pro DJs, especially if you already store your collection on Dropbox anyway, as you get additional features such as the collection auto-upload that will make life easier for sure.

Key Features

rekordbox Cloud Unlimited powered by Dropbox: Safely manage your whole library online

For the first time ever in a DJ software application, Dropbox is bringing unlimited cloud storage to the rekordbox Professional plan so you can safely save all your music either as a backup or to free up space on your laptop or storage device. You can use up to 8 different devices to manage all the tracks and data of your entire library in the cloud. So, if your laptop or USB drive breaks down or is lost while you’re traveling, you can easily download all your music to another device in time for your next gig. And, with the Dropbox Smart Sync feature, you can see and access every file in your account directly from your PC/Mac, without taking up your hard drive space.

Support for PC/Mac/iOS/Android Collection Auto Upload: Automatically sync tracks to the cloud

If you turn on the Collection Auto Upload feature in rekordbox, any files imported to your library will be automatically uploaded to the cloud, saving you from having to manually select and upload tracks. Everything is backed up online and there’s no need to worry about the remaining storage capacity in your Dropbox account when you use the rekordbox Professional plan.

Automatic Device Library Backup: Smoothly recover your library if your USB drive fails

In rekordbox, you can create a database for each device you use and save the last USB-exported state manually or automatically to your local storage or to the cloud. By backing up the device database, you can easily recover it from rekordbox at any time if the device is corrupted or lost. You can also make a duplicate of a database via another computer using the same rekordbox account.

Pricing and Availability

USD 29.99 for the rekordbox professional plan, available today.