If you are about to buy the XDJ-RX2, Pioneer DJ has given you now a second color option besides the traditional black: a fully white version.

Much like Apple, Pioneer DJ uses a new color as a way to re-introduce a piece of equipment to the market and give it a new sales push. The XDJ-RX2 White is therefore identical in functionality to the black XDJ-RX2. but 100 dollars more expensive. The higher price tag comes down to exclusivity: there will be only 700 units of this version, 500 for the US market and 200 for the Japanese market. If you live anywhere else, you only chance to own one is to import it.

All that being said, the white version looks the part: I find the contrast between the dark screen and the white faceplate cool and overall the look is pretty slick.

The RX2 is a great update to the original RX, with a touch-enabled 7 inch LCD screen, a redesigned mixer that approaches much more the design of, for example, a CDJ-900NXS2 also from Pioneer DJ. The number of performance pads per deck has been doubled to 8, which means more performance possibilities. The integration with Rekordbox DJ has also been improved, as the XDJ-RX2 can be used as a DJ controller connected to a laptop.

Key Features

  • Equipped with a 7-inch full-color touch screen to support quick selection and reliable DJ performance
  • Professional model performance features
  • Multicolored Performance Pads with dynamic operation of various functions
  • USB connection/Link Export for rekordbox
  • Bundled rekordbox dj license key

Pricing and Availability

The XDJ-RX2 white will be available in November 2018 and cost USD 1799