Last week the PLAYdifferently Model 1 was finally unveiled after 2 years of rumours and teasers.

About The Model 1

As we reported earlier this year, none other than Richie Hawtin is behind this project, in partnership with Andy Rigby-Jones (Allen & Heath Xone). The result is a a fully analogue, 6 channel mixer with studio quality components and extensive connectivity.

The whole point and philosophy of this mixer is, as you can see in the videos below, to cater for those that pursue maximum control and flexibility when it comes to fine tuning sound.

Let’s have a look at some of the features that stand out the most:

  • PRECISION SCULPTING EQ: SCULPT is a semi-parametric swept bell filter, and consist of two controls,FREQ which sets the centre frequency and CUT/BOOST which adjust the gain or a attenuation at this frequency. The level of cut/boost is asymmetric; maximum boost is limited to +8dB, while the cut is extended to -20dB. Sculpt has a wide Q and a frequency range that covers almost seven octaves.
  • CONTOURING LOW & HIGH PASS FILTERS: As the name implies these two controls allow you to “contour” the frequency range of the audio signal. They consist of low Q, High-Pass and Low-Pass filters designed not to add colour to the sound as they are swept across their frequency range.
  • DUALCUE: Two independent Cue systems, A and B. Cue A routes to the right hand side headphone monitor and the Cue B routes to the left hand headphone monitor. The DualCue system makes it much easier for two DJs to perform on the mixer together in “Back2Back” setups, as each can select a separate channel to monitor without interfering with the other. This feature also assists DJ’s handing off to each other in a smooth and natural way.
  • ANALOG OVERDRIVE: A unique feature on every input, the DRIVE control. This control allows the user to adjust the level at which the channel pre-amplifier clips the input signal, thus creating harmonic distortion as a creative effect.

Check out the PLAYdifferently site for the full specs right here.

Video Introductions

Check out below the official video intros below:


Picture Gallery


At £2550 the Model 1 doesn’t come cheap. But the public it is targeting doesn’t mind paying for quality, which is clearly present here. And with all the sound manipulation capabilities it offers, it will for sure appeal to techno & house DJs that do more than simply blend two, or even 4 tracks. Six channels allow enough room to connect live instruments, keyboards and other gear and the advanced on board features such as the 2 stereo send & returns allow to link up effect processors or other sources. The lack of a crossfader might be a deal breaker for some, but for others it’s just better use of precious space..