Last week we already reported Rane was about to launch a brand new battle mixer and we even had some images from the DMC US finals.

Today we get to see the new mixer in its full glory, and it’s a beauty for sure.

The thing that stands out the most is the high-resolution touchscreen, capable of displaying vertical waveforms from Serato DJ. This is the first mixer to actually achieve this, and it will certainly help DJ’s to focus even more on their performance instead of watching their laptop screen. The screen can also be used for X/Y FX control, which is a far more expressive way of controlling effects than turning a knob. Cool!

Furthermore the Seventy Two features an onboard FX module called Flex FX, which allows combining 1 onboard FX with up to 3 Serato DJ effects, at the same time.

The performance pads are very similar to the ones on the DJM-S9, offering access to all the Serato DJ performance features, including cues, roll, auto loop, slicer…

Putting the DJM-S9 next to the Rane Twelve, the similarities are obvious, but the superior feature set of the Rane Seventy Two are apparent.

Pioneer DJ DJM-S9 versus Rane Seventy Two
Pioneer DJ DJM-S9 versus Rane Seventy Two

Mention worthy is also the new MAG THREE contactless tension adjustable faders, that allow fine customization to adjust exactly to your liking.

On the back, a full myriad of connections, as a battle mixer should have. There are two USB inputs to connect two laptops at the same time, and the mystery around the two additional USB ports is solved: they are intended to connect the brand new Rane Twelve controllers.

Finally, on the front, the Rane Seventy Two is fully loaded with headphone inputs, massive contour controls for the faders, mic controls and more.

Key Features

  • Solid steel construction—built like a tank for non-stop, heavy-duty use
  • (3) New MAG THREE contactless tension-adjustable faders for crossfader and channel faders with reverse, contour controls, and cut-in adjustment
  • 4.3” Touchscreen for moving-wave display, X/Y FX control, song selection and user customizations
  • Dual FLEX FX engines, one for each channel
  • Stacked Serato FX with internal post-fader FLEX FX
  • Dual die-cast aluminum FX paddles with 180-degree rotation
  • Chain-integrated Serato software effect control plus one internal FLEX effect per channel
  • Dual USB connections for DJ handoffs
  • 16 Akai Pro MPC performance pads w/RGB backlight, adjustable threshold and aftertouch, with independent mode controls per deck.
  • Industry First – assignable USB controller inputs for RANE TWELVE motorized battle controller
  • Serato DJ DVS license built in, with Serato DVS vinyl included

Pricing and Availability

The Rane Seventy Two will be available from Q4 2017 for a cool USD 1.899.


Introduction video