I have been trying out Rekordbox DJ for over a month now and I must say that I’m very impressed with the solution as a whole.

The package is quite stable, surprisingly stable even considering how fresh it is. I haven’t tested it in a gig situation yet, but at home I found no problems playing hours without any noticeable performance lag, or issue.

That being said, I do use a MacBook Pro with 4 GB ram for DJing so I cannot say how stable Rekordbox DJ is under Windows.

The interface

The interface of Rekordbox DJ is a bit of a “best of” mix of everything else that is on the market. Big Serato DJ like spinning wheels, horizontal or vertical waveforms, multiple library display options, on-screen pad display… it feels rich, but at the same time, a bit too busy.

Horizontal waveforms, 2 decks, library view

Overall, there should be more options to turn things on and off so that DJ’s that like a clean interface can achieve that. Let’s see how Pioneer tackles that.


I use a DDJ- SZ and the experience of connecting it to Rekordbox DJ was flawless. It just worked. Of course this is to be expected since both are made by Pioneer, but still…the integration is ultra tight, as it should be.


The library is feature packed,¬† no surprise there considering it’s the core feature of Rekordbox. Analysis and BPM detection are very high quality and work well, as expected. There are many ways to customise the views. I personally like the mini waveform per track a big plus, so you can quickly grasp the song structure when planning your set.

First Conclusions

I like it :-). Serato DJ has a challenge here.. I will do a video review in the near future to go more into details of the different features.


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