Rekordbox version 5.2 has arrived, and the new Lighting Mode that we saw at NAMM 2018 is now available. This feature brings DMX controlled lighting to Rekordbox and Rekordbox DJ, allowing for any DJ, even those on a tight budget, build synchronized light shows for their sets.

In Pioneer DJ’s words:

Using the advanced phrase analysis algorithm in rekordbox (ver 5.1), Lighting mode automatically creates exciting lighting sequences in sync with the tracks in your rekordbox library, drastically reducing pre-performance preparation time. The information generated in Lighting mode can be sent to any lighting fixture that supports DMX5121 via the RB-DMX1, a new dedicated DMX interface.

It’s great to see Pioneer DJ embracing all aspects of a modern DJ set (video, lights) with different expansion packs and modules, Lighting Mode being the latest. This won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but for the early adopters out there and mobile DJ’s that operate advanced setups, this is certainly good news!

Key Features

The 5.2 Rekordbox update also brings other features:


  • Compatible device added: RB-DMX1
  • LIGHTING mode (rekordbox dj license required)
  • KUVO Live Playlist which can share your playlist in real time. Currently, you can check the playlist only on KUVO beta website. * KUVO official update is scheduled in March 2018.


  • Added an auto cross fade option to Automix. (Available when playing on a standby deck.)
  • Added an option to perform Instant Doubles when the same track is loaded to a deck.
  • Improved detection ability when database files in devices are corrupted.


  • Tracks were not sorted with alphabetical order on the explorer tree
  • The windows’ width of My Tag configuration/Related Tracks list/Information/Sub browser got bigger if these windows are shown/hidden repeatedly.
  • With DDJ-RZX, FX display was turned off when BEAT UP/DOWN was pressed while FX was turned on.
  • On Windows audio driver of DJ equipment was not recognized if it was connected while only Lyric was selected in the global section.
  • Video crossfader worked incorrectly in External Mixer mode.
  • Audio output channels settings were not saved in External Mixer mode.
  • Related tracks could not show tracks from intelligent playlists.
  • Related tracks could not show tracks “From Selected Playlist” in the tree view in Ver5.1.0 or later.
  • Improved stability and fixed other minor issues.