In a surprise move, Reloop has launched a new DJ controller with an integrated touchscreen, the Reloop TOUCH.

The TOUCH is designed for Virtual DJ, and it supports full-screen video DJing as well.

There are a few remarkable things about the controller, that sets it apart from most other controllers on the market today:

Reloop TOUCH screen detail
Reloop TOUCH screen detail

The screen looks, at least from the stills, absolutely gorgeous. The Virtual DJ interface is faithfully recreated. At the time of this posting, there is no product video available, so until then, we will assume the screen is as good as shown in these pictures.

The concept of 1 big middle screen has been done before, see the SDJ-4000 from Gemini (not out yet) and the XDJ-RX 2 from Pioneer DJ. Still, those are media players in the first place. The Reloop TOUCH cannot play from USB and so is indeed the first DJ controller with a touchscreen if you leave out Pioneer DJ’s DDJ-RZX, that costs several times more.

The second remarkable thing is the per channel faders to control FX and video transitions:

Reloop TOUCH channel fader details
Reloop TOUCH channel fader details

This reminds of the per channel faders of the Native Instruments S8. Of course, on the S8 the faders have a completely different function. It is interesting to see this implemented for effects instead of the usual knobs.

The effects in Virtual Dj are unfortunately not at the same level as on Traktor Pro, Serato DJ or Rekordbox DJ, so it will be interesting to see if Virtual DJ will improve on them in the near future.

Reloop TOUCH jog wheel detail
Reloop TOUCH jog wheel detail

The jog wheels are a bit smaller than what are used to see on modern DJ controllers, but then again, they look the part and size doesn’t always matter.

Key Features

  • World’s first DJ controller with touchscreen
  • 7” full-colour display: DJ without the need to look at the computer
  • Touch-screen surface for intuitive operation, developed in cooperation with VirtualDJ
  • Customisable user interface can be adapted to one’s own preference
  • Display up to 4 waveforms, including track, artist and album information
  • XY panel for direct control of FX via touchscreen
  • Integrated video mixing feature with full-screen support
  • Easy media library organisation via drag & drop folders
  • Large TRAX encoder for comfortable browsing of media libraries & cloud streaming providers (Pulselocker and Deezer)
  • 4-channel club mixer layout, combined EQ/filter section
  • Fader-FX unit for real-time editing of audio and video material
  • High-resolution jog wheels, special non-slip design for pitch-bending
  • Activate quantize, slip-mode and beat grid adjustment directly via the controller
  • Xcoder: Multi-functional encoder with various modes – loop, size, and grid adjust
  • 8 RGB-coloured performance pads for creative remixing
  • Multiple performance modes with quick switch via PAD MODE button and SPLIT MODE
  • support
  • Vast adjustment possibilities for performance modes via PARAM button
  • Colour-coded deck switching
  • 50 mm pitchfader
  • Fader-start support
  • Powerful audio interface with high-retention USB port
  • 2x headphone outs, 1x mic input, 2x master outputs (balanced/unbalanced)
  • Plug ‘n’ Play: Incl. full version of VirtualDJ 8 PRO
  • MIDI compatible with other softwares
  • Kensington lock to secure the device
  • Box Includes: touchscreen controller, VirtualDJ PRO license key, instruction manual, USB cable, external power supply unit with international plugs

Pricing and Availability

The Reloop TOUCH will be available in November 2017 and will cost USD 699.


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