After 1.9.9 comes 2.0, right? Not so fast. Serato has stopped short of releasing a 2.0 version of their flagship software and came up with 1.9.10 instead.

That being said, this release comes packed with new features:

  • macOS High Sierra support
  • Mixars QUATTRO support
  • Denon SC5000 Prime OSA support
  • Denon X1800 Prime Club Kit support

The macOS High Sierra support is important, as upgrading to High Sierra was a risky affair before. Nice to see Serato got that checked out relatively fast.

The Mixars Quattro support is interesting, but to my knowledge, the Quattro is not available yet, much like the Mixars Primo DJ controller. I have a bad feeling that there are serious delays in production over at Mixars as these units were presented as far back as Namm beginning of this year.

The stars of the moment are, of course, the Denon DJ Prime series. With Serato DJ support for both the Denon DJ SC5000 Prime and the X1800 mixer, Denon DJ is quickly adding support for all major DJ software packages on the market.

Of course, the support for Pioneer DJ’s Rekordbox is, as we reported, only limited to supporting Rekordbox prepared USB sticks.

In the case of Serato DJ, the integration is much deeper. The only thing that seems to be missing (watch the detailed video below) are support for the full-screen waveforms on the SC5000. You do get a waveform, but it’s a small one. Undoubtedly, Serato and Denon will probably improve the integration in the future to include these.

Características principales

  • Controls primary navigation, track-­load and playback workflow from a single SC5000 Prime unit
  • SC5000 on-­board HD touchscreen shows Serato track collection, waveform overview, and vital DJ performance data
  • Addresses and controls up to 4 Serato DJ ‘decks’ using just one SC5000
  • SC5000 performance trigger pads enable expressive manipulation of standard Serato DJ pad modes.
  • X1800 Prime mixer acts as Serato DJ audio interface, introduces DVS to DJs with the Serato DJ and DVS Licenses (sold separately) offering a full hardware DJ mixing experience
  • Controller Mode integration is the latest example of Denon DJ’s commitment to continuous improvement for their revolutionary Prime Series equipment. It is available via Serato DJ 1.9.10

Pricing and Availability

The upgrade to version 1.9.10 is free and is available now.