• Price: Free upgrade
  • Manufacturer: Serato
  • More Info: Serato DJ Pro 2.2 blog entry
  • Availability: TBA


Serato has announced the public beta for Serato DJ Pro 2.2 version, and two features that have been requested heavily since the early days now finally made it into the software: day mode and play count.

Day mode

Serato DJ Pro 2.2 Day Mode
Serato DJ Pro 2.2 Day Mode

If you have ever tried to DJ in bright sunlight with a laptop, you probably have experienced the pain of trying to figure out what’s happening on your laptop screen. The fact that DJ software usually has a dark color scheme (to match the lighting conditions in dark clubs and venues) can be a serious issue when DJing outside.

Serato used to include a day mode in their old ITCH software, so it’s good to see they finally acknowledge that daytime DJing didn’t end when they retired ITCH, and are including it finally in Serato DJ Pro.

Play count

Serato DJ Pro 2.2 Play Count
Serato DJ Pro 2.2 Play Count

Another obviously handy feature, missing for so many years will be finally added as well: a track play counter. The play count will work with local and with streaming tracks, and will only be increased when a track is actually played (meaning, the track was loaded and played through the master output).

Streaming improvements

Serato DJ Pro 2.2 streaming improvements
Serato DJ Pro 2.2 streaming improvements

Finally, Serato DJ Pro 2.2 will bring important improvements to the streaming experience within Serato DJ Pro. Amongst other features, there will be a download indicator, the possibility to analyze downloaded tracks in batch, and many more.

Key Features

  • Added Day Mode
  • Added Plays column*
  • Updated Serato Video to 64-bit (won’t install on MacOS 10.9 and below)
  • Improved HID connection and stability
  • Improved GUI and waveform rendering
  • Streaming improvements, including:
    • Streaming tracks can now be analyzed
    • Track overview fills to show download progress of streaming tracks
    • SoundCloud ‘Likes’ added to Serato DJ library
    • SoundCloud Albums and Playlists have been separated into 2 library items
    • Improvements to Tidal search filter
    • Tidal now supports 1000’s of playlists and albums
    • Tidal ‘My Album’s’ and ‘My Track’s’ added to Serato DJ library
  • Added keyboard shortcut “F” to toggle Serato Video Output Window fullscreen when in focus
  • Added Quartz Video support on macOS 10.13 and above
  • Replaced QuickTime decoder with AV Foundation
  • Added Cocoa output windowing on macOS

*NOTE: Plays column does not update using the single deck Offline Player. A ‘play’ uses the same logic as a Played Track in the History (crossfader/channel fader has to be open etc). If you have Custom Crate Columns enabled the Plays column will only be there for the All… crate and you’ll need to manually add the column in crates. The column will be lost from the library if you go back to an older version of Serato DJ (played count will remain, they will just need to be re-scanned to get the # count back in later versions). Past played tracks are not included in the count.

Other Changes:

  • Improved CPU performance on Mac/Windows
  • Improved GPU performance on Windows
  • Improved Serato Video recording and overall performance
  • Added Pad Mode optimizations to OSA devices
  • Fixed issue where streaming tracks sometimes would not load
  • Fixed issue where streaming tracks would fail when loaded repeatedly
  • Fixed an issue where GUI could disappear when What’s New window is shown
  • Fixed an issue with Serato Video Output Window appearing behind the application
  • Fixed an issue where Serato Video Output Window attempts to draw over the main GUI
  • Fixed an issue where streaming service Logout button can be clicked while library still loading
  • Fixed an issue where Quartz files could cause a crash
  • Fixed some issues on connection to HID devices
  • Fixed an issue where Tidal log-out may take a long time
  • Fixed a potential Serato Video crash when playing .qtz files
  • Fixed a possible crash on startup due to a corrupt temporary database
  • Fixed a direct show decoder path issue on windows
  • Fixed a possible crash with Tidal playlists containing certain Unicode characters
  • Fixed an issue where the beatgrid would disappear when triggering Cue Points
  • Fixed an issue dragging and dropping a selection of files from the browser window to the
  • Relocate Lost Files button

Pricing and Availability

Free, currently in public Beta and release TBA.