Serato DJ recently announced version 2.3.1 of Serato DJ Pro, which comes with full support for the Denon DJ Prime 4 and the SC5000M.

In summary, the new update enables DJ controller features on the SC500M and the Prime 4. This was already available on the regular SC5000, so if you don’t feel like this is new, in a way, it isn’t.

This doesn’t make it less significant though, especially when it comes to the Prime 4. The update makes the Prime 4 even more versatile than it already was, and for USD 1.699, it becomes a truly viable alternative for, say, the DDJ-1000SRT.

Key Features

Main features of the Prime 4 and the SC5000 integration

  • Performance pads control
  • Full library control from the touchscreen
  • Small waveforms. Note that the update doesn’t enable scrolling waveforms (yet?)
  • Control the Serato DJ Pro effects sections from the Prime 4
  • DVS support
  • super high scratch resolution for the SC5000 in DVS mode

General improvements of Serato DJ Pro 2.3.1

  • Added Serato DJ Pro support for the Denon DJ PRIME 4
  • Added Serato DJ Pro support for the Denon DJ SC5000M Prime
  • Fixed a bug where the Audio Setup panel did not open on first connection of some DVS mixers
  • Fixed a bug where playback triggers twice when pressing Stutter Play once, on the Reloop ELITE
  • Fixed a possible crash when selecting the FX Pad Mode on some primary devices with an OSA connected
  • Fixed a bug where Active Loop turns off after MIDI mapping Akai AMX touch controls then turning touch mode off

Pricing and Availability