Denon DJ made the following announcement on their Instagram page a few days ago:

Available in mid-March, Serato DJ Pro version 2.4.6 will support control for the SC6000 & SC6000M Media Players giving DJs a glorious 10.1” window into Serato’s workflow. Featuring full-color moving waveforms, essential performance control, navigation and key track data. Engine OS 1.6 required.

Required Updates
▪ Engine OS 1.6 |
▪ Serato DJ Pro version 2.4.6 (available mid-March)

That’s really great news. We assume that the players will offer a proper Serato DJ Pro integration of its main features. The SC6000 and SC6000M have both 8 performance pads on board, already properly labeled with performance features that are part of Serato DJ Pro, which should ensure a seamless experience.

The SC6000M with its moving platter will be especially interesting to run with Serato DJ Pro, as it will allow scratch DJ’s run their Serato DJ Pro library through a Denon DJ Prime setup. You will need a Serato DJ Pro certified mixer to do this, which is the case for both Denon Prime mixers, the X1800, and the X1850.

On the supplied image, we can see the typical RGB Serato DJ Pro waveforms, which will be great to see on these media players and certainly appreciated by Serato DJ Pro DJs.

In order to make it work, you will need to wait for the latest Serato DJ Pro version, version 2.4.6, which is coming out mid-march.