Serato DJ Pro (or version 2.0) is coming soon and the internet has been full of speculation over the last few days. The software is still in private beta and will probably hit public beta around January, just in time for winter Namm.

Key Features

There is a lot of speculation on what the key features will be, but if you look around on social media, there are plenty of screenshots and some of them contain a full specs rundown.

  • 64-bit support: Serato DJ Pro will support 64-bit architecture, which means better use of resources, faster loading times, and overall, more stability
  • Practice Mode: test your mix without the need of having a DJ controller connected. This is something that has been missing from Serato and available in most other DJ software. Finally, you are able now to mix without a connected controller and that makes playlist preparation on the go so much easier.
  • Hi-res screen display: if you feel Serato DJ always looked a bit fuzzy on your high-resolution screen (think 4K or Retina), those times are over. Serato DJ Pro will look crisp and sharp from now on.
  • GUI improvements: the panels will be scalable, so it will be easier to customise the size of each interface section to your personal liking.

From what I can see, those are the main new features. The rest are small improvements to the different, already existing features of Serato DJ.

What does the name change mean?

Manufacturers don’t change their product naming for no reason, so the fact Serato DJ 2.0 will be called Serato DJ Pro is significant.

If I have to guess, I suspect it means Serato DJ will be re-oriented to serve the consumer market, with the Pro version serving the high-end of the market. Serato DJ Intro has been falling behind in the last years and most decent beginner DJ controllers these days support far more features than Serato DJ Intro has.

Compatible DJ Gear

If Serato DJ Pro is aimed to the professionals, then it will, of course, be the version that supports DVS and HID on professional media players such as the CDJ-2000NXS2 from Pioneer DJ or the SC5000 Prime from Denon DJ.

And wouldn’t it be cool to match the release of Serato DJ Pro with the release of the Rane Seventy Two mixer and the Rane Twelve digital turntable?

Rane Seventy Two And Rane Twelve
Rane Seventy Two And Rane Twelve

If you want to know more about Serato DJ, check out our detailed feature rundown here!