Non only did Denon DJ recently gave their Prime Series a considerable update, now we learn that very soon it will be possible to stream tracks directly from the Prime SC5000, Prime 4 and SC5000M.

Denon DJ Prime 4 with streaming enabled
Denon DJ Prime 4 with streaming enabled

Well, that looks pretty cool, isn’t it? Just press the button of the service you want to connect to, login, and start playing tracks. Denon DJ didn’t advertise it before (as far as I’m aware) but all the Prime players come with built-in WIFI and cabled Internet connectivity, so enabling streaming only requires a software/firmware update.

Streaming services

Denon DJ paired up with 4 key players on the DJ music distribution market: SoundCloud Go, Beatport LINK, Beatsource, and Tidal.

Notable streaming giants such as Spotify and Apple Music are missing and that is certainly an issue for many DJ’s that already have those subscriptions.

On the other hand, the services that are included are, with the possible exception of Tidal, really oriented towards DJ’s, so if you are serious about streaming music through these players, you might as well get a subscription that will get you tracks that you would not easily find on the more end consumer oriented services.

The bigger issue I see here is the fact that only Beatport LINK allows the offline caching of tracks, and that at reportedly (albeit not confirmed) exorbitant prices: $40/month for 50 tracks and $60/month for 100 tracks. At those rates, getting the number of tracks offline that you need for an actual non-planned DJ set could go into the hundreds of dollars a month, which makes it much cheaper to actually but the music… So even if the prices for offline storage changes, the fact that they are putting a price on a per 50 tracks or 100 tracks basis is troubling.

All that isn’t Denon DJ’s fault, or even Beatport’s fault. The music industry is still holding back on offline storage in streaming services, as they fear that somehow that will hurt their business model. In my view, that is ridiculous.

I’m quite sure that professional DJ’s would pay good money for a streaming service that let’s the user store an unlimited amount of tracks offline on different devices. As long as that doesn’t come along, DJ’s will approach streaming with caution, as good wifi/internet connection is not something that you typically find in most venues, and streaming an x hour set through your phone will use up your data allowance very quickly.

Key Features

  • Wi-Fi enabled across the entire Prime Series (Prime 4, SC5000, SC5000M)
  • Hard Wire/physical connection to the internet available
  • Streaming of digital music services within standalone unit
  • Touchscreen Interface direct to streaming service
  • Buffering of track in unit memory in case of network disconnect
  • Add hot-cues and loop points to streamed tracks
  • Search artists, songs and playlists direct from touchscreen
  • Streaming service partners added via firmware updates starting this summer
  • Through the unique locker technology, both Beatport LINK and Beatsource LINK will have offline storage
    • Beatport Link Pro will cost $TBC per month and allow you to take 50 tracks offline
    • Beatport Link Pro+ will cost $TBC per month and allow you to take 100 tracks offline

Streaming partners

  • SoundCloud – SoundCloud, the world’s largest open audio platform, will be a part of this new integration. With standalone streaming via the Prime Series, SoundCloud users can now instantly stream and mix SoundCloud’s massive catalog of more than 200 million tracks from over 20 million creators using a SoundCloud Go+ premium consumer subscription.
  • Beatport – Beatport’s new LINK technology will support standalone streaming with the Prime Series hardware. LINK, an innovative streaming service built for DJs, is the first of its kind to include an offline storage mode for public performance. Beatport’s hugely popular and club-ready digital content, along with expertly curated playlists will give Prime DJs access to an unprecedented electronic music library.
  • Beatsource – Beatport and world-leading promo pool, DJcity, recently joined forces to launch the hip-hop and open format specialist DJ platform Beatsource. This new platform will provide access to a broad catalogue of music, genre-specific discovery, intuitive playlisting, and expert curation, all accessible for performance over wireless and wired connection as well as standalone streaming in the Denon DJ Prime Series products via Beatsource LINK.
  • TIDAL – With access to over 60 million songs, standalone streaming with the TIDAL platform brings DJs a huge variety of music to please any crowd, dancefloor or event. DJs can easily access their personal TIDAL playlists and follow the platform’s own expertly curated selections too. With so many tracks and exclusive content across a massive variety of music styles, DJs can be prepared for any request at every conceivable gig – and all standalone within the Prime Series hardware.

Pricing and Availability

Prices to be confirmed, coming summer 2019.