Last year I did a piece in our Superstar DJ’s and their gear series featuring German techno DJ Chris Liebing.

Last week, Native Instruments put out 3 videos featuring Chris Liebing. The first one featuring Chris explaining his view what techno is as a genre and how he approaches it as a DJ. And for all the critics of syncing: Chris explains in the video on how sync is an essential part of his workflow since he is running routinely 6 or more channels at the same time. But more about that in the second video.

The second video is all about the setup. Let’s quickly resume what Chris is using these days:

  • Maschine and Traktor Pro 2 synced with Ableton Link
  • Orion Antelope Soundcard
  • PLAYdifferently MODEL 1
  • 2 Allen & Heath Xone K2 Controllers
  • Maschine Mikro (for live drums hits and additional percussion and sounds)
  • Maschine Jam

An impressive setup and one of the finest examples how technology has evolved to a point that the lines between music creation and music performance are becoming so blurry that is it’s hard to distinguish what is what. A Chirs Liebing set is not a series of tracks after the other, it’s bits and pieces of tracks blended together and enriched with on the spot improvisations on his Maschine gear. Chris is very humble about his “lack of skills” to perform without sync in his first video, but the truth is that no human being could do what he does live without sync and keep everything running in sync manually. Not even Carl Cox 🙂

Finally, we come to the last video: a 2 hour Chris Liebing set, shot from his perspective, with some added trippy effects. My suggestion is that you stream it to your HD TV, turn up the sound, dim the lights and enjoy. It’s Chris Liebing at his best and the perspective allows to see (more or less) how he manipulates the different pieces of kit to create his unique sound.

It’s refreshing to see Native Instruments putting out content like this. It’s a source of inspiration for new and established DJ’s and in this age of brainless EDM middle of the road music and Dj’s seeing a true artist like Chris Liebing offers some much-needed counterweight.