It seems that Technics is going to reveal a new (affordable?) turntable at CES this year, as announced on their social media pages.

Over the last few years, Technics has re-entered the turntable market, but not in the way most vinyl loving DJ’s expected them to do so. The SL-1200G (around USD 3000) and the SL-1200GR (around USD 1500) don’t exactly fit most DJ’s budgets, but more importantly, these turntables are not really meant for DJ’s, but rather for audiophiles.

Mojaxx from DJCity review the SL-1200GR last year, and while he found it an excellent piece of equipment, the isolation is lacking for DJing purposes, and that’s a big fault when considering the asking price. But has he correctly states, Technics didn’t make this turntable for it to be sitting in a DJ booth…

But all this could be about to change.

Technics social media account has gone cryptic with the following posts over the last few days:

When brightening up one of the pictures above, we can clearly see a 1200 model appearing:

Is that a 1200 in the shadows?
Is that a 1200 in the shadows?

All this leads me to believe we are looking at an updated SL-1200 MK6 model, as the hashtag #technics7th could be referencing both the launch date as the model number, which logically would be SL-1200 MK7.

Also, the launch event features DJ’s (Kenny Dope, Derrick May…) that are known for their love for spinning wheels. If it was an audophiles oriented turntable, surely Technics wouldn’t hire those names for their launch event.

The final thing to consider is the price. If it’s aimed at DJ’s, anything above USD 600 will be considered overpriced, no matter the quality and precision. Pioneer DJ, Denon DJ, Numark and Reloop all have excellent turntables in that price range and nobody is going to pay double the price for equal or even inferior performance.

So yeah, 5 days to go until the big reveal. I personally hope that Technics is finally addressing¬†DJ’s with this one, as vinyl is alive and kicking in the DJ world and is not going away anytime soon. Add to that the popularity of DVS systems and the marketplace is ripe for a real comeback by Technics!