• Price: USD 10.000 (SP-10R) USD 20.000 (rumoured price for the SL-1000R)
  • Manufacturer: Panasonic
  • More InfoFull press release
  • Availability: Summer 2018

Since the rumors initially surfaced years ago that Panasonic would be reviving the legendary SL-1200 and the Technics brand with it, we have seen several releases that increasingly frustrated DJ’s because of their high price tags.

This year, Panasonic is not about to make up towards the DJ community. Instead, they are coming with two turntables that will reportedly cost USD 10.000 and USD 20.000 respectively: the SP-10-R and the SL-1000.

Key Features


Technics SP-10R
Technics SP-10R

From the official press release:

The SP10-R includes a double coil twin rotor-type coreless direct-drive motor with coils on both sides for 12-pole, 18-coil drive, and high enough torque to drive the heavyweight-class platter with ultimate sovereignty. The result is a stable rotation of 0.015% wow & flutter or less, which is considered to be the measurement limit.

The turntable also features an impressive turntable platter with a 10-mm-thick brass weight, enhanced with tungsten weights on the outer periphery. The brass weight is laminated onto the aluminum die-cast, giving the platter a total weight of approximately 7.9 kg and an inertial mass of approximately 1 ton・cm. A deadening rubber for eliminating unwanted vibration is attached to the rear surface to form a three-layer construction to achieve an even higher rigidity and provide excellent vibration-damping characteristics.

To achieve further noise reduction, the control unit is separated from the main unit and its switching power supply is equipped with unique technology that provides a voltage supply with minimal noise via a newly-developed ‘unwanted noise reduction circuit’. In addition, the communication between the main unit and the control unit are engineered to resist the effects of external noise whilst increasing reliability. These noise-reduction measures enable the SP-10R to achieve the World’s highest level S/N.


Technics SL-1000R
Technics SL-1000R

Again, from the official press release:

The Technics SL-1000R system features an S-type universal tonearm with a lightweight, high damping magnesium tonearm pipe. The gimbal suspension construction tonearm uses high-precision bearings, and highly-skilled Japanese craftsmen handle all assembly and adjustments to achieve a high initial-motion sensitivity to precisely trace the grooves cut into the records. To further ensure the production of highly-vivid sounds, OFC is used for internal wiring, so that the music signal relayed from the cartridge is not dampened and the musical energy cut into the record is not lost.

The tonearm base, to which the tonearm is mounted, is strongly integrated with the turntable. To safeguard exceptional tonearm performance, the tonearm bearings, turntable bearings and needle position remain constant – providing a structure in which the vibration caused by the rigidity of the turntable base materials has minimal effect.

If you own previous models of the SP-10, good news: the new SP-10R will be backwards compatible with previous models:

The SP-10R has been developed to be completely interchangeable with previous SP-10 Series models, such as the SP-10MK2 and SP-10MK3. In order for users to continue using the turntable base and turntable of these previous systems, the shape and screw positions have been designed to allow for complete backward compatibility. The control unit is also the same shape and size as the SP-10MK2 power unit for trouble-free replacement.

Pricing and Availability

The SP-10R is set to cost USD 10.000, and the SL-1000R is rumored to cost USD 20.000.