Back in April the Toraiz SP-16 hardware sequencer from Pioneer DJ was announced, and we had a quick look at it behind security glass at Musikmesse 2016.

A little memory refresher from our introduction post back in April:

The unit is standalone so it doesn’t need a computer to function, and comes with build in step-sequencer, 16 velocity sensitive drum pads, analog filters based on Dave Smith’s Prophet-6 and a hi-res touch screen.

Inside it has a 8 GB hard disk that can carry all your samples, which you can trigger through the pads. It also has PRO DJ connectivity, which means you can hook it up to CDJs/XDJs and do all the sequencing and triggering of samples in a fully quantized fashion.

Since then, nothing has been shown on how it actually works, until last week. Then Pioneer posted a series of videos that tackle 5 areas of the SP-16:

  • How the sequencer works
  • The different pad modes
  • Browsing and assigning samples
  • Analogue filter section
  • Advanced trigger types
  • Project structure overview

Check out the videos below, in no particular order. So does this raise the excitement for the unit? You bet. The feeling I personally get is that this will integrate nicely with existing Pioneer DJ gear, increasing the creative possibilities for DJs/live performers dramatically. The unit seems easy to use, which is important, as many DJs shy away from sequencers because of their steep learning curve.

The videos: