Update: full review of the Mixars Primo

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Remember the Mixars Primo? We had our first contact with it at Namm 2017, now more than 2 years ago:

And at the time, it looked like an interesting product. The design draws heavily from Pioneer DJ with a very comparable loop section and the inclusion of their version of sound color effects in the middle of the mixer. Combine that with a very complete feature set and an apparently solid build, the Primo has everything to shine in the mid-tier segment.

But then things went quiet. For two years, nothing was heard anymore, and everyone just assumed the product launch was never going to happen and the Primo was shelved.

But then, Serato DJ announced support for the unit at the beginning of this year, and a few weeks later the Primo started to ship. Could it be that Mixars had to wait this long in order for Serato to get the support in Serato DJ Pro enabled? Possible. Mixars is a small company, and enabling support for bigger partners such as Pioneer DJ, Denon DJ, and others certainly would have priority.

But now it’s here, and Mixars was so kind as of sending me a review unit, and I will be reviewing it soon. Also, expect a detailed comparison with the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2, as both not only are comparably priced, but also have very comparable features. Stay tuned!

Key features

  • 2 channel 4 deck controller, unlocks Serato DJ Pro
  • Stand-alone mixer with filter effects
  • paid upgrade to Serato DVS
  • Built-in sound card for simple USB connectivity
  • touch needle search
  • 8 Performance pads on each deck to control Hot Cues, Roll, Slicer, and Sampler
  • Large aluminum jog wheels with LED Ring
  • Full control and assignment of Serato FX
  • adjustable crossfader curve
  • Mic with dedicated echo effect
  • USB Powered
  • Auxiliary RCA input with dedicated volume
  • 100mm Pitch Control