• Price: depends on your license choice. USD 299 for the Pro license.
  • Manufacturer: Atomix
  • More Info: Virtual DJ homepage

Virtual DJ 8 has been around for a while now, and regularly Atomix, the manufacturer, adds support for new DJ controllers.

Now Virtual DJ 8 supports the Pioneer DJ XDJ-1000MK2 and the XDJ-RX. This is good news for Virtual DJ users that want to use their favorite software with Pioneer DJ media players.

Not much is communicated of what is supported by this integration, but from the facebook posts comment section it’s clear the integration offers full-color wave forms.

This year only, Atomix added support within Virtual DJ 8 for a series of high-end controllers: the Reloop Mixon 4, the Roland DJ-808 and the Denon DJ MC7000.

Virtual DJ Features

Virtual DJ is as feature rich as the competition, featuring everything a modern DJ software package should have: a host of different performance pad modes, a sampler, effects, loops & hot cues, advanced library management, streaming services support… Not all the features will work with all supported DJ controllers of course, but in general, the more recent your DJ controller, the more Virtual DJ 8 features it will support.

Virtual DJ license cost

You can get Virtual DJ 8 completely for free, but then it’s not possible to use with a DJ controller. That being said, Virtual DJ works very well with a keyboard only.

The catch with Virtual DJ is that you might end up paying up a lot of subscription money if you use it with different DJ controllers, as the Advanced Home Users licensing model price is calculated on the DJ controller you want to use it with.

For example, to use it with the XDJ-RX, you would pay a license fee of USD 199. That’s more expensive than Rekordbox DJ, and with Rekordbox DJ you can use any supported DJ controller.

If you want to avoid those “per controller” costs, it’s better to opt for the Pro license: you pay a one time fee of USD 299, and you can then use Virtual DJ 8 with any compatible controller. This is again, almost double the price of Rekordbox DJ, and triple that of Serato DJ, but it does mean that your license work for all supported DJ controllers within Virtual DJ 8, and there are a total of 322 units supported. This is a staggering amount and probably the widest DJ controller support of any DJ software in the industry. If you want the view the list, check this page, but be aware it’s not fully up to date.

Finally, there is a subscription based license, that will cost you USD 19/month. Ideal for checking out the full software, as you can cancel at any time.

If you want to purchase Virtual DJ 8, go here.

I’ll be looking soon into Virtual DJ in more detail and pitch it against Traktor Pro, Serato DJ and Rekordbox DJ, so stay tuned to DjTechZone! In the meantime, check out our DJ gear/DJ software article for starters, comparing the main DJ packages and combining them with beginner DJ controllers here.