Laidback Luke Performing One Denon DJ Prime Series

Laidback Luke is not wasting any time, and this week he posted two videos around his move to Denon DJ. The first video is a masterclass on the SC5000 media player and the X1800 mixer. He goes through all the key features and the things he likes most:

In the second video, LBL does one of his “in my mind” episodes, live on stage rocking the SC5000’s and the X1800. See what he is doing and thinking at any moment during his live set!

So cool to see Luke embrace the new technology, and it’s clear from the videos that he is not completely at ease yet with all the bells & whistles, but that will come soon. How awesome will it be to see him perform at the great festivals this summer with new shinny!

How to live stream a DJ set

Mojaxx over at DJCity explains how to live stream a DJ set, not simply through your phone but with multiple camera angles and high-quality audio. The way it should be done.

Get paid for posting your remix on SoundCloud

Thump reports that from now, Soundcloud is sharing revenue with artists that upload their work, to the service. According to the article, this includes also DJ mixes. Does this mean that you can start earning money with your current and future DJ mixes on SoundCloud? Not so fast. The deal is “invitation only” and probably reserved for a selected few. But it’s a start. Check out the full article over at Thump.