Serato DJ 1.9.6 Public Beta

Serato has released a public beta of Serato DJ, version 1.9.6. This version focuses mainly on DVS improvements, so if you are not a Serato DJ DVS user, they might be little here of your interest.

DVS Improvements

  • New Anti-Drift option which allows DVS users to stabilize the BPM of playing tracks, perfect for long mixes and blends.
  • Smart Sync is now available for DVS users. Sync multiple tracks and sources together easily without tracks falling out of beat.
  • New option to allow pitch adjustments to make the BPM of all decks in sync follow.
  • Improvements to Needle Drop sensitivity, for increased performance with the Sticker Lock feature and more.

Performance Enhancements

  • Pitch Play mappings for supported hardware, including the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX, DJM-S9, Numark NS7III, NVII and more (requires Pitch ‘n Time DJ license).
  • Favorite FX banks option allows you to easily recall your favorite FX configurations.
  • Chronological Loops option for saving your Loops in chronological order.
  • Loops can now be reordered into your preferred order.
  • Enable/Disable Hot Cues option in setup menu.

Read more about this release right here.

Record your DJ sets to IOS with MixBox2

Evermix MixBox2
Evermix MixBox2

The MixBox2 for IOS is a new product from Evermix that aims to make the process of recording your DJ sets easier.

The principle is simple: connect the “record out” of the mixer the Mixbox2, connect the Mixbox2 to an IOS device, install the app and start recording. After finishing your recording, upload your work to, SoundCloud, Mixcloud or save the file locally for post editing.

The Mixbox2 is not available yet, but you can subscribe on IndieGoGo for the crowdfunding campaign that will launch soon.

More details on the MixBox 2 are on Djtechtools here. or watch the video below!


Esquire: The Chainsmokers Are the Nickelback of EDM

The Chainsmokers , the Nickelback of EDM?
The Chainsmokers, the Nickelback of EDM?

I usually don’t really post stuff related to EDM in this space, but this one is worth a read. Esquire came out calling The Chainsmokers the Nickelback of EDM and both responded in a hilarious fashion to the article.

But first, the article itself. A few passages that set the tone of the piece:

Let’s begin with genre cliches. From The Chainsmokers’ unabashed borrowing from Calvin Harris, Kygo, Deadmau5, and Avicii to its college frat-bro baiting hooks, the duo sounds like it was written by and for the programmers of a Pandora EDM channel. Whether by laziness, stupidity, or through market research, the duo has managed to create beer pong tournament background music that offers nothing but repackaged EDM tropes for Spotify plays. And that’s totally fine if all you care about is making Billboard lists (which Chainsmokers did for multiple weeks with three songs in 2016); many other pop acts have done this and many more will do this in the future.

Auch. Sounds like most of the poppy EDM acts out there… Then, this:

The problem is, like Nickelback, The Chainsmokers sell their lowest-common-denominator sound using shameless sexism. Let’s look at their first Number One single, “Closer,” a duet between The Chainsmokers’ Drew Taggart and Halsey. It’s about him running into an ex, having sex with her in a car, then realizing he hated her the whole time. Then there’s their breakthrough single, “#Selfie,” which proudly mocks women taking pictures of themselves. (Compare those songs to the 2008 Nickelback hit “Something in Your Mouth,” with lyrical gems such as the following: “You’re so much cooler when you never pull it out / ‘Cause you look so much cuter with something in your mouth.”)

So The Chainsmokers are sexist and untalented hacks. I personally don’t really enjoy their music or most of the EDM scene for that matter, so whatever. What made me smile is their reaction, both Nickelback, and The Chainsmokers. Check their responses on the Esquire site!