Specialwaves Mine modular DJ Controller builder

If you are a Lego fan and like customised DJ controllers, the Specialwaves Mine will certainly interest you.

Specialwaves Mine
Special waves Mine

The Special waves Mine is a modular system that is composed of several building blocks. For the moment the available modules are velocity and pressure sensitive pad, double button RGB pads, standard pots, an endless rotary encoder with a led ring, and a 60 mm fader. The idea is to combine these elements inside a base unit by simply clicking them into place. This allows for extremely customised setups, ensuring that every knob, button, and fader is in the exact place that you want it. Other modules are planned, such as jog wheels, screens, and trackpads.

The company is about to launch a Kickstarter, so you cannot actually purchase these at the moment. But the idea is great, and I’m sure there is a market for DJs and producers that want to make to design their own setup instead of going with what is available. Check the official site for more information.

Add text and images to Serato Video

Serato DJ Video expansion pack
Serato Video expansion pack

Do you want to learn how to add video and text effects to your Serato Video performance? The Serato Blog has a piece on how to achieve this. In order to enable Serato Video, you need to have the proper plugin, you can grab it for USD 129 at the Serato DJ store. To check out the tutorial on adding text & image, check here.

Roland DJ-808 clinics at Guitar Center

Roland DJ-808
Roland DJ-808

Roland and Guitar Center are putting together a series of clinics around their brand new DJ-808. The DJ-808 is first DJ controller from Roland, and also the first to combine a drum computer, voice transformer and sequencer with a full 4 channel Serato DJ controller. The event schedule is shown below, along with the needed links to RSVP:

  • Dec. 2- Detroit, MI w. Amp Fiddler – RSVP here
  • Dec. 3- C.Houston, TX  – RSVP here
  • Dec. 6- Boston, MA  – RSVP here
  • Dec. 7- Chicago, IL – RSVP here
  • Dec. 8- Las Vegas, NV – RSVP here
  • Dec. 8- Rockville, MD w. DJ Trayze (2016 Redbull Thre3Style US Champ) – RSVP here
  • Dec. 10- Concord, CA – RSVP here
  • Dec. 12- Atlanta, GA – RSVP here
  • Dec. 14- Hallandale, FL – RSVP here
  • Dec. 14- Hollywood, CA w. Melo-D (Beat Junkies) – RSVP here
  • Dec. 15- NY, NY, Union Square w. Nadus -RSVP here
  • Dec. 16- NY, NY Times Square w. DJ Scratch – RSVP here

Check out more details on the Serato DJ blog!

Robot DJ’s Taking Over?

DJ Robot
DJ Robot

No not really. Not much more than a marketing stunt from Ford at the launch of the new generation Ford Fiesta, DJ Yoda and an assembly line robot deliver a set that should suggest robots can scratch. It’s obviously pre-programmed, but still, it makes one wonder if one day DJ’s will be out of work as humanoids will be rocking out on the turntables instead of us. They already can mix drinks, so who knows?

Check out the performance below: