The Technics SL-1200G is finally for sale

Time to empty those pockets and get one (or a pair) of the new Technics SL-1200G. For now, it’s only available in Germany, with the rest of the planet soon to follow. It will set you back a cool USD 4.000 per turntable, but hey, no pain, no gain! Djmag has the full story here.

Your DJ Halloween costume.. sort of.

This halloween, dress up as a DJ
This Halloween, dress up as a DJ!

Thump has assembled a guide on how to dress up as a DJ this Halloween. Turns out you don’t need much, and probably have most of the accessories lying around your house anyway. This is what you will need to achieve that distinctive Martin Garrix¬†look:

– Fake ID
– Black scoop neck t-shirt from the Baby Gap
– Check to give your publicity team for helping you get the number one spot on the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs list

Touche! Check out the rest here.

DIY DJ booth with flashy lights!

DIY DJ booth with flashy lights!
DIY DJ booth with flashy lights!

Having a nice and flashy looking DJ booth at home is a good incentive to practice a lot, and Djtechtools has a full how to get there in a few (maybe not so easy) steps. For the DIY people only… Check it here.

Razer acquires THX

Razer Acquires Thx
Razer Acquires Thx

The guys that build probably the most powerful Windows laptops (Razer) have acquired the guys that build the most powerful audio experience in theaters (THX). Okay, maybe Dolby is doing better there with Atmos. Anyway, check the details here.

DJ Sleeper “Only Love” Mix film

And finally, DJ Sleeper of longtime internet fame (I was looking at this guys videos years ago, he has an amazing – unrecognized – talent) posted a new mix film named Only Love. It showcases his enormous talent and a warm message at the same time.