Z-JAY Tablet 3 Screen Dedicated DJ Touch Surface

The Z-JAY tablet is a 3 screen, foldable touch surface. It consists of 3 screens, one for each deck and the central screen for the mixer.

The idea is simple. Folded up, the Z-JAY tablet is small enough to fit in any backpack. Unfolded, it offers a spacious interface to DJ on, and it has all the necessary onboard outputs to connect to external speakers. It even features build in speakers, making it a complete DJ system on itself.

There is no word jet on the software it will run (it won’t be the one you see in the video) but since this an Android device it will have to be an Android compatible.

You cannot buy the Z-JAY tablet yet, but the project is expected to go to crowdfunding in a few months to be sure to check out their site to be informed when that happens!


Which is the best Traktor Pro Controller?

Best all-in-one Traktor Controller
Best all-in-one Traktor Controller

Ean Golden from Djtechtools.com looks at all the Traktor Pro controllers currently on the market (Traktor Kontrol S2MK2, S4MK2, S5, and S8) and picks his favorite. The video is an absolute must-see because Ean takes us back to his older S4 videos and that is a nice throw back at, well, good old times. Check out the full article here.

How your favorite DJ Got Their Name

DJ Names come in all shapes and sizes, and Mixmag has done it and published a full guide explaining the names of many famous DJ’s. A few extracts:

Eats Everything

Not actually because he eats everything, but because he chows down and likes a lot of music. Daniel Pearce admitted to Westword: “I eat a lot and I play everything. It’s a stupid name. I don’t eat everything. I’ve been asked a million times and I’m just now realizing how much I don’t eat – I’m quite picky… But I do eat a lot of certain things. There’s a modicum of truth in it.”

The Chemical Brothers

The two-piece originally began working together as The Dust Brothers in homage to the US duo, until they were served a cease and desist order and changed it to Chemical. Never meet your heroes, or name yourself after them.

Check out the full list here.