DJ Craze is one of the most skilled turntablists ever, known for embracing new technologies. He is known for his flawless technique and legendary status as multiple times DMC champion. Also, DJ Craze has always been very vocal about the art of DJing itself, and in the current climate of labeling non-turntable DJ’s as “fake” or not “real DJ’s”, Craze has something to say.

Reacting to a recent Instagram post by A-Trak, another wizard behind the turntables, DJ Craze stated his view on what real DJing actually is:

“My turn. This is a subject that I’m really passionate about. I’ve been actively DJing since 96. I’ve seen the Dj game change over the years, mostly for the better with technology and skill level. I am more of a Tablist so for me skills has always been my focus looking up to the gawds QBERT, Roc Raida, Noize, Mix Master Mike, Kentaro and Atrak just to name a few. But I did start off as a selector so rocking a party was always my main goal. People like Kid Capri, Andy C, J Rocc and Gaslampkiller inspire me with the selection and raw skills. All of these dudes are ‘Real DJs’ in my opinion because they take chances and continue to take it to the next level. But I don’t sleep on the fact that DJ’s are entertainers and are there to rock the party/festival. Laidback Luke, Flosstradamus and Diplo are absolute dons when in control of a crowd and to me that’s real DJing at its finest. So now let’s talk about technology … For me I could give three shits what you use .. Ableton, sync button, cdjs or controllers as long as you get creative and are not cheerleading for most of your sets. …. What’s your definition of #realdjing ?”

Amen to that. it really doesn’t matter what gear you use, but how you use it. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have quality equipment, that is true for all art forms. But in the end, if you use a CDJ, a turntable, or a midi controller to rock the crowd, is that fact that you succeed to rock the crowd which makes you a DJ.